Tuesday, November 22

The Gathering: Review

by Kelly Armstrong

Waiting.  That is the best word I can think of to describe this book.  It didn't help that I took forever finishing it.  I could just never find the time or perhaps it really didn't demand I make the sacrifice.  The cover seems so dramatic and so I was waiting for it to live up to the cover.  Either that or I was waiting for a reason for anything.  Why do we care what is happening between these characters.  Care to explain why there is such a particularly strong attraction between Rafe and Maya?  What is going on with Daniel?  What is with the completely unstable Sam?  That girl needs some serious help.  I find it hard to believe that no one has taken measures about her violence.  For the most part everyone is happy and well adjusted.  Even the death that haunts Daniel and Maya isn't really much.  Sadly, come the last pages of the book I was still waiting for really anything to happen.  The finale was rather weak and just added more confusion into the mix.  Unless the next book really adds substance to the story this is one to avoid in favor of so many better out there right now.The best part of the book involved the conversation between Maya and her parents.  She would always say the funniest stuff.