Thursday, March 10

The Kings of Clonmel: Book Review

by John Flanagan

If you have not heard of the Ranger's Apprentice series you are missing out.  I have long been addicted to the characters in this book.  They are just chock full of personality that you can't help but love each and every one.  Well, I guess you can't really love the bad guys.  In that case, they have so much going for them that you can't help but loath them all the way to the depths of the earth.  I love that no matter how many books I have read John Flanagan still comes up with a completely awesome read.  Another note in favor of this series, you must listen to the audio version for at least one book.  The narrator is so awesome and just has a way of becoming so many different people and imbuing them each with just a bit more through his special art.  Alright, enough of that more specifically let us talk about this book.

Moment Divine: "You won't be King when I'm finished with you. People do not break agreements with me. I'll destroy your Sunrise Warrior and then I'll have you dragged from the throne, screaming like a frightened girl."

"Brave talk, Tennyson, especially from a man who will be doing none of the fighting. And, I assume, none of the dragging. Now, let me tell you something: Scum like you don't make agreements with kings. You do their bidding. And you don't make threats to them, either. I'll ruin your plan, and I'll destroy your filthy cult as well. And then I'll take a horsewhip to your fat, quivering hide and drive you out of this country. And unlike you, my friend, I will do it personally!"
Once again the characters never cease to amaze me in their sheer awesomeness.  I love the interactions between the main trio in this book.  Plus, there are some sweet treasures between Halt and his adversaries that should be savored. Overall the story is just a bunch of great cunning moments and action.  Somehow they have pulled it off again and yet will ride into the sunset or off to another adventure.