Thursday, March 24

Red Glove: Book Review

by Holly Black

Publication Date: April 5th

Why this book?
You want the truth, and nothing but the truth? Cassel.

Main Players:Cassel Sharpe, Lila Zacharov, Sam Yu, and Daneca Wasserman

Oh man, what a doozy.  This was definitely one of those books where you feel you have run a marathon but really you are standing in about the same place.  Basically, Cassel goes through quite the work up through this book.  He manages to keep himself from ending up six feet underground.  Other than that his life is just a wreak at the end.  
I love how confusing my feelings are for Cassel.  I can't help but agree with his Grandfather that he is a good guy even though all the evidence refutes that.  After this book, I feel he has really picked a cliff from which I will gladly hope he can extricate himself.  Maybe, a small line in the book that sounds a bit prophetic will in the end come true.

If you liked the first book you had best run out and pick up the second.  It was a joyride you won't want to miss.