Saturday, March 5

In the Arms of Stone Angels: Book Review

by Jordan Dane

Publication Date: April 1st

Why did I pick this book?
I just fell in love with the cover and the synopsis was a tasty tidbit.

First Chapter:What a way to start things off.
Prediction based upon first chapter: (3)

Main Players: Brenna Nash and White Bird (Issac Henry)
Place: Shawano, Oklahoma

Moment Divine: "And I grew on people, like a wart."

This book covers some scary stuff.  For instance, how bullies seem to fly under the radar and get away with terrorizing others.  The particular things these bullies get away with is pretty intense.  My favorite character was the good guy in town Will Tate.  He makes a great push for straight shooting and justice.  The romance moments in this story are sweet and very sideline.

My favorite part of this book is the inner dialog of Brenna.  She thinks the funniest things which really helps to alleviate some tension when times are really intense.  I believe it was this that set her up to be someone I could believe in as a hero.

All in all, this book was an interesting journey for many of the characters.  I enjoyed taking the ride and had a hard time putting it down when things heated up in the middle.