Wednesday, December 29


by Swati Avasthi

As my first book post this seems to go against the grain a bit.  It is a very realistic book and doesn't come with a happily ever after.  Basically, it doesn't meet any of my usual standards of greatness.  That is just what it was though, great.  I could really identify with the main character and the life he had no choice but to live.  As children we are entrusted to the care of those who often don't treat that role with the respect it needs.  Children in those situations can't help but be branded and very often the perpetrators of the same acts.  I loved that this book was so real and helped us to go through the mind of someone trying to become anything but what they have been trained.  It was so affecting to watch as the character tried to hold onto anything that would keep him out of danger.  The ending while sad in many ways, left me feeling hopeful, not only for the characters but myself as well.