Wednesday, June 12

Fiction Prediction: After Daybreak

So you just finished the first or second book in a trilogy and you find yourself wishing for more. Yet the wait is long and there is nothing to be done but wait. Or is there? Ever sat and pondered just where the sequel will take the story? Are you reluctant to let go of the story and so content yourself with ideas of just what might happen?

I do.

Fiction Prediction

From serious to farce here are some of the ideas I have of what will happen next. These of course have no fact to them but are just the imaginations of my mind. Don't read further if you haven't read the previous books predictions may contain spoilers.

Victor has the Thirst

Victor turns Dawn and the "pull" between them stops so they go their separate ways.

Sin abandons his current plan and decides to build himself an army of demented hyenas and monkeys.

Sin turns Dawn so she can still have the sun and lead his incredibly misguided army into a better more harmonious future.

Victor and Dawn claim irreconcilable difference.

Tegan is a Day Walker.  

Dawn's Montgomery bloodline will make her even more an impossible match for Victor.

Care to share any predictions your might have in mind?  

If you actually do know what will happen please keep it to yourself. This is all in fun and not meant to spoil the book.