Thursday, June 30

Damned: Book Review

by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie
Publication Date: August 30th

Loved this book!  There is such conflict and overwhelming odds against them.  Yet they struggle on regardless.  It is such a great view into the strength within each of us.  The ending is really tragic.  Holding with the trend of the book things are dire and show no real possibility of change.  Still, I loved every page.
I wasn't super happy with what happened to Antonio.  I just don't like seeing anyone in a position where their free will is taken away.  Without that who are you really.  At first when it happened it seemed temporary something like a spell but as the book progresses it seems less likely.  I think the authors are trying to point out that each of us has the ability to be bad or good.  We are what we choose to be with each passing moment.  Yet under a certain set of circumstances would we chose differently.  Would we chose so differently as to become almost the opposite.  I have mixed feelings on where they are headed with Antonio.  At this point I think I will keep the doubts at bay and hope for the best.  Should you whole life be blighted by a few mistakes or should your current actions hold more sway.  I guess we will find out next year.
So cool after the fact news:
I am quoted on the authors site. Here.