Thursday, April 18

REM: Book Review


Cheryl Abbott
May 3rd 2012
Young Adult | Paranormal
Official Blurb - 
Seventeen-year-old Bradalynn Collier is used to enduring night after night of unbearable restlessness. In the quiet darkness while everyone else sleeps, dreams that are not only hers take possession of her mind. Brady thinks her gift for entering the subconscious minds of others is a curse-until she meets the mysterious Alexander Connelly on her first day of her junior year in high school.

Alexander is a new transfer student whose mesmerizing green eyes seem to stare straight through Brady. Against the advice of her best friend, Doug Rothen, Brady decides to venture into the dark nights of Alexander's slumber. As she suffers through his relentless nightmares, becoming emotionally attached along the way, Brady finds reason to finally gain control of her unique ability. But just as an unexpected relationship emerges and blurs the line in her friendship with Doug, a devastating accident forces Brady to make an unthinkable decision.

In this compelling tale, Brady must betray the trust of others and make a choice that has the potential to tear her away from the only dream she now desires-a life with Alexander Connelly.

Bipolar personality for Alexander. Not the best way to show his reluctance about a relationship with Brady. Plus he is a bit too nice and perfect under the conditions. He is far too perfect and understanding. Annoyingly, boringly, perfect. Alexander is hard to really adore. He starts off emotionally void and at the drop of a pin is emotionally charged. Then is so perfect it is painful. Maybe there really are some guys so perfect but to my knowledge I haven't met any. Their relationship is way intense, grown up, for their age. They can be in a house all by themselves with no chance for adult interruption and they don't get up to any funny business. How likely is that?

The story gets really boring toward the middle. Had a really hard time convincing myself to keep reading. This book could in many ways be two separate books. That way we could skip some of the dull middle parts. Keep the pace more even.

The tone of the book at the end is completely different than the beginning. When I picked this book up I was anticipating something like Wake by Lisa McMann. Instead this is more like a version that has been scrubbed with a fine toothbrush and bleach. Everything is so squeaky clean it defies believability. The world of dreams isn't clean. Only one small mention occurs regarding dreams of lustful fantasy. If you blink you might easily miss it. There is a giant chunk related to the horrific fear of loss. Even with all the dreams there isn't much excitement when the character is awake. On top of which Brady spends all her time in Alexander's horror dreams.

The love triangle in this story is awkward and the resulting jealousy is really petty.

With a traumatic event involving her best friend the mood of the book changes. Suddenly everything is sentimental and emotional. The type that would only fit on your last day to live.

I was shocked to discover that this is only the first of three books. Not sure what to think. Just where could this go from here and is more story appealing?

Violence: Moderate