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Deadly to Love: Book Tour Teasers and Giveaway

Deadly to Love

Elemental Killers #1

Mid Hoddell

Young Adult | Paranormal | Urban Fantasy | Romance
ISBN: 9781291319170
Official Blurb - 

There is a love that is so dangerous, so powerful, so intoxicating that it embraces your heart
and smothers your mind until it leaves you defenseless.

Serena knew that but still, it didn't stop her. His name was Kai. He was the most beautiful,
irresistible man she had ever encountered. Their attraction was too compelling to fight and
she knew she would go to the end of the world beside him. That is love.

However behind the allure was hidden a deadly secret – a secret that threatened her fragile
life... But secrets best left unsaid never remain hidden forever. When Kai reveals his true
identity, she is exposed to a frightening world she had no idea existed. Controlled by
powerful Elemental forces her life is placed in mortal danger.

Unbeknown to them, their lives have been entwined from the beginning and it leads her to
discover an even greater secret about who she really is. As the pieces begin to unravel and
death becomes a reality, Serena is forced to decide what is more important...her love or life.

“I read this book in one sitting as I just couldn't put it down. The story line was original, intriguing and made you feel like you were part of the action. As well as this there were many twists and turns that kept me hooked and the book was really well written with a solid plot. The book didn't reveal everything straight away which was great as it left in suspense right up until the end.” ~Lucy M 5/5

“ I found that it's surprisingly original concept was quite common in real life but not so much in books. I found it a delightful read that I will look forward to reading in the future. And the new cover! Marvelous.” ~ Kathy H 5/5

“All I can say is WOW! This book was amazing and different. I love the twist and detail she used I was instantly pulled in and felt like I was there with the characters.” ~Brianna 5/5

Mentally kicking myself for the slip I tried to think of an answer but couldn’t come up with a suitable
lie. ~Page 65

That was typical Chloe, assuming the worst before I had a chance to give her the true version. ~Page

My aunt raised her head from my mum’s shoulder, her face set in a stern, grim line. I already knew
what she was going to say before she spoke. ~ Page 121

I held onto the sharp rock as my balance started to go and the last thing I remembered was Kai
shouting my name as the water ran over my face. ~Page 174

“Dammit Kai, don’t be so stupid! Of course Serena is coming,” Alanah jumped in, interrupting us as
she slammed her hand down on the worktop which caused everyone to stare at her. ~Page 314
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About the Author
Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading and her preferred genre is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance. Before 2009, Mia wouldn't even pick up a book and was more interested in sports. However she finally found some novels that captured her interest and developed a love of both reading and writing. Mia began with poems and after getting two published in separate anthologies she moved on to short stories. Although she enjoyed this, Mia found she had too much to tell with too little space, so later on she created her first series The Wanderer Trilogy and from there other ideas have emerged which she hopes to turn into novels as well. Elemental Killers is her second series and book two will be out soon.

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