Monday, January 21

Book Blogger Confessions: Quitting Time


We've discussed blogging slumps before but have you ever seriously considered throwing in the towel and quitting blogging? If so, what changed your mind? Did you discuss it with other bloggers?

Blogging Slump (forgive me Dictionary for the massacre of your definition of slump)

 A sudden severe or prolonged fall in interest to blog. 
  • a prolonged period of abnormally low interest in all things books, typically bringing widespread lack of blog posts
  • a period of substantial failure or decline of blog
Or I like to think of a blogging slump like this:

A period of time in which all the life has been sucked out of blogging. You find yourself making excuses just to get away.

I have suffered many a reading slump. It seems I accept too many review requests and buy too many books. Never thought I would say you could buy too many books. But as the pile of books to read becomes massive. You feel like you have no choice in what to read next since they all have some sort of waiting list order. A slump sets in. It isn't pretty and I usually have to wait it out hoping the next book I force myself to read will be awesome and break the spell.

I have hit a bunch of blogging slumps. Mostly caused by disappointment or disillusionment. I think I approach a blogging slump the same way I do a reading slump. I just keep moving forward if at a slower pace. Eventually something sparks my attention and renews my vigor. I expect that some day I may call it quits. It does feel a bit inevitable. It won't stop me from reading, fingers crossed. But until that day I will just blog or read what I feel inspired and comfortable with.

I never thought to discuss it with other bloggers. Probably a good idea. Wait I think I have discussed reading slumps with other bloggers just not a blogging slump. I know I have seen quite a handful of bloggers calling it quits lately. In my head as I read these I am sad and listening to the tune Another One Bits the Dust in my head. Every time I come across another quitting post I wonder if they know something I don't. Should I be following them to see what is on the other side? If I follow them will I miss blogging or find that I don't? Every time I consider quitting or I try to weigh the pros and cons. There are so many things I do enjoy about blogging and so many things I don't. I guess my biggest con at this point is that if I give up I won't still qualify to participate in a future ARC or event I have already worked to get in line for. It is hard not to be able to reap the rewards of hard work. It isn't quite the same to just buy that book. I have often wondered if instead of quitting all together it wouldn't make more sense to combine forces with another blogger. Quit one blog and join another. That way if their are periods of time I don't feel like making posts the other blogger is still going. Plus maybe having a buddy would make it more fun. And that way I don't have to give up all the pros of blogging. Of course that comes with its own set of cons.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.


  1. OMG I totally understand how you feel with getting there with the ARC events or even with the slumps too. I too am slugging through it and yes I agree I may call it quits too. Nodding my head with all of this

  2. I was sure I was ready to quit last year but then I took some time off and it reinvigorated me. I did change how I blog now and I guess the biggest thing is I don't care what I get from it anymore other than friendship and good conversation. When I started I didn't even know what the heck an ARC was lol

    It is so strange to me that I can have over 100 books and still have nothing to read but that is exactly what happens! So in my case I began to wonder why I'm going crazy trying to get more.

    I happen to be a person that cracks under pressure so I need to keep this a fun hobby or it becomes too much for me and I'll have to give it up.

  3. Like your definition of a blogging slump! I've had both reading and blogging slumps, but usually take some time off instead of forcing my way through it. I'm the type of person who would just grow to hate it if I forced myself to keep going during a slump, so a breather seems to work for me. One of the things I would really miss is other readers who "get" me. Who else but another reader would understand that even though you could have bookcases full of unread books, like Karen, you have nothing to read? :)

  4. Yes, exactly! When in a blogging/slump, I keep moving forward until something sparks my interest again. And yeah...sometimes it's just life that gets in the way.