Saturday, January 5

Two Years of Blogging: Celebration Giveaway

I have mixed feelings on reaching my two year mark. December 29th was the magic day in case you were wondering. The first year began with such high hopes and dreams. So many emotions and passions to push me along. Surprisingly they fizzed out quickly and I lost interest while I was pregnant. The second year I recommitted myself and set goals to really give it my all. Now at the end of that gigantic effort I have a few things to puzzle over. When you cast your eyes about to the other blogs there is a good mix of situations. From those who are brand new but gaining speed at incredible rates. There are those who have been around seemingly forever and have hit their maintainable stride. Luckily that stride seems to be highly liked by others. Here are some things I have come to realize and I have yet to decide exactly what it means for me and this blog. The biggest is that even with all my effort this is all I could achieve. There are so many doors still closed to me. And I don't think that will ever change no matter how much I try. Secondly, I find that I am beginning to miss other aspects of my life. Blogging has taken so many hours from me this last year. It really seems that I may just not have a calling for this. It doesn't come naturally or easily. And that is okay not everyone is created equal and surely there is something out there that fits me better. The thing is that I immensely enjoy reading but perhaps I am not a social reader but more the type that likes to read with no strings attached.

So I am not sure if my two years of blogging celebration is the beginning of the end or one more step along the way. Of late my attention has been diverted to other pursuits. I am not sure if it will be permanent. I guess we will have to wait and see.

So there it is ladies, gents, and youngun's. The pile of books that absolutely must go. Oh, did you notice the Kobo sitting at the bottom of the pile? That isn't a mistake but just one more item needing to find a new home. Since I have been so lazy of late when it comes to blogging I haven't decided how to proceed. I wanted to put together some contests along with the giveaways. My original intent was to giveaway all these items but that is going to add up in shipping. I have an idea or two for a contest. How about you help me out with ideas of a contest or even which items absolutely must be offered up for a giveaway.

Comment below or send me a tweet so I can get things together. We all need a little help now and then. :) 

Depending on when I get my idea up and running and just what you all pitch in with ideas and such we can get this show on the road very soon.

Thanks for being with me through the last two years! You guys are the best!