Thursday, January 31

The Crimson Crown: Book Review

The Crimson Crown

Cinda Williams Chima

Hyperion Book CH
October 23rd 2012
Young Adult | Fantasy
Official Blurb - 
A thousand years ago, two young lovers were betrayed—Alger Waterlow to his death, and Hanalea, Queen of the Fells, to a life without love.

Now, once again, the Queendom of the Fells seems likely to shatter apart. For young queen Raisa ana’Marianna, maintaining peace even within her own castle walls is nearly impossible; tension between wizards and Clan has reached a fevered pitch. With surrounding kingdoms seeking to prey on the Fells’ inner turmoil, Raisa’s best hope is to unite her people against a common enemy. But that enemy might be the person with whom she's falling in love.

Through a complicated web of lies and unholy alliances, former streetlord Han Alister has become a member of the Wizard Council of the Fells. Navigating the cut-throat world of blue blood politics has never been more dangerous, and Han seems to inspire hostility among Clan and wizards alike. His only ally is the queen, and despite the perils involved, Han finds it impossible to ignore his feelings for Raisa. Before long, Han finds himself in possession of a secret believed to be lost to history, a discovery powerful enough to unite the people of the Fells. But will the secret die with him before he can use it?

A simple, devastating truth concealed by a thousand-year-old lie at last comes to light in this stunning conclusion to the Seven Realms series.

A lovely end to a fabulous series.

Han was very entertaining as usual.

There was this odd point about half way through the book, page 330 to be exact. Where there was a happy lull for me. I didn't feel drawn into the next chapter. I was content to put the book aside and pursue other activities. I easily put it aside for the next day. I think it was a break before the storm scenario. Because after that page everything went to Hell in a hand basket.

This book left me smiling for hours afterward. It is also an easy series to recommend. It has all the great parts of a story without going to far into unwanted details. Don't let my short review let you think this book wasn't stellar. It is just hard to come up with words to capture the journey. Loved it! Definitely recommend this series!

Violence: Heavy
Sexual: Moderate

Moment Divine:
"Now--how do we go about this? Are you supposed to give Alister your gavel, Lord Bayar, or does he need to purchase one of his own?" His eyes gleamed with suppressed glee.
"Touch me again and I'll forget that I've decided not to kill you," Han said. "Given my upbringing, I just don't have that kind of self-control."