Tuesday, March 20

Another Jekyll, Another Hyde: Book Review

Another Jekyll, Another Hyde
by Daniel & Dina Nayeri
March 13th, 2012
Candlewick Press
Young Adult/ Fantasy
Jekyll and Hyde

Thomas finds himself with a very undesirable stepmother. Desperate for relief from the situation he turns to a new drug. Something isn't quite right as he begins to have unexpected side effects. Time begins to slip through his fingers and a voice emerges in his mind. Dangerous things are happening and someone is behind them. Thomas might be the culprit.
The villain is more believable. Her depth of evil so strong it can plant seeds of despair right into the marrow of your bones. I haven't done the genealogy but it is very possible she is related to Voldemort. If they aren't blood related perhaps they were childhood friends. They both share such common goals and means. Both want immortality and have no loyalty to those who help them reach their goal.
Thomas has a very nice relationship with his father. I like that they game together and take time to talk. Thomas also goes through the crucible to find out that there is more to him that he thought. Which is hard to believe as he is already a stellar kid. Edward Hyde is definitely the character who comes off the worst in the bargain. Poor thing had no choice in the whole matter. All the good parts of him including his life were stripped away magically.
This book feels remarkably similar to Tantalize by

Swearing: mild
Sexual Content: mild
Violence: mild
Underage drinking and drugs
Moment Divine:
"Sorry. I'm not gangsta enough, Charles Thomas Goodman-Brown the Third (nonconsecutive), but I'm sure there's someone on the Yale alumni board who could help me get rid of a body. That or I'll just find out which hedge fund he invest in and drive his portfolio into the ground."
"I could be the Notorious A.I.G. . . . You know . . . as my street name."
"Sure, Dad. I gotta go. Wanna game later?"
"No problem. I'll just run a Fortune 500 while I wait."