Monday, December 17

Book Blogger Confessions: Perfect Christmas Wishlist


Dear Santa! What would you put on your blogging/bookish wish list if the sky was the limit? A new blog design? A house filled with new bookshelves? Even MORE books?

It is a good thing I don't get everything I want. It isn't healthy for me. Plus, I most certainly don't know what is best for me.
But in the spirit of Christmas here is my letter to Santa.
Dear Santa,
I promise I have been a very good girl this year. Here is a list of things I would like for Christmas.
  • A few pre-orders(Breaking Point, Spirit, The Girl with the Iron Touch, The Rising, Goddess, Requiem, The Eternity Cure, Sweet Peril, Seige and Storm, If I Should Die, Dark Triumph, Blood-Kissed Sky, Fragments, The Indigo Spell, Asunder, Unravel Me, Everbound, Prodigy, ) Hey Christmas should be the gift that keeps giving all year long.
  • An animated header
  • A custom blog design with all the bells and whistles
  • All expense paid trip to ALA Midwinter or BEA
  • More books (The Forsaken, Falling Kingdoms, The Darkest Minds, Reached, actually would you just mind checking my wishlist on Goodreads. I am getting tired of typing.) To be fair these books have been hanging out on my TBR shelf for a long time. On second thought why don't you just get my a massive gift card to Amazon or Barnes so I can save you the trouble of having to pick out all these books for me. I am nothing if not considerate.
  • A pretty bookshelf with a lock, have to keep the books away from tiny sticky fingers.
  • A MacBook from which to  create my posts
  • Another Amazon gift card so I can giveaway my favorite new release or book each month next year.
  • A fancy cover for my Nook and Kindle
p.s. Don't forget all the things on my other list. This is just the book oriented list.

After reading some other bloggers wishlists I can't help but make a few small additions to this list.
  • A post editor
  • An ARC trading partner
  • An assistant who will answer all those emails, send out emails like requests, keep me social, keep track of all the upcoming books so I don't miss something, and most importantly keep me on track.

Thanks Santa you are the best.

Seriously as if I need more books. I already have more than I can read. But that doesn't stop me from longing to have more. Such a head case. :)

Anyway, thanks for the topic.


  1. Ahhh the emails!! i forgot about answering all those emails!!!! My assistant just got another task added to her list lol

    A few people mentioned unlimited gift cards & going to all the book cons. I would add those too.

    1. Pesky little emails. It just takes me so long to be in the right frame of mind to answer them.

  2. Great list of wishes and those are some great books on your wishlist.

  3. Awesome wishes. I'm dying to go to both ALA and BEA as well, but they are sooooo spendy! Isn't BEA about $400 just to go to? Ugh.

    1. It all depends on what you include in the price for BEA. I found total it was near 2000. Big investment, but I still want to go. At least once in my life.

  4. I never thought of an assistant, but what a great idea! Then we could focus on our reading instead of answering emails. Genius! And the all expense paid trip to BEA would be nice too. :)

  5. I really think I need the assistant more than I need bookshelves!