Monday, December 17

Book Blogger Confessions: Perfect Christmas Wishlist


Dear Santa! What would you put on your blogging/bookish wish list if the sky was the limit? A new blog design? A house filled with new bookshelves? Even MORE books?

It is a good thing I don't get everything I want. It isn't healthy for me. Plus, I most certainly don't know what is best for me.
But in the spirit of Christmas here is my letter to Santa.
Dear Santa,
I promise I have been a very good girl this year. Here is a list of things I would like for Christmas.
  • A few pre-orders(Breaking Point, Spirit, The Girl with the Iron Touch, The Rising, Goddess, Requiem, The Eternity Cure, Sweet Peril, Seige and Storm, If I Should Die, Dark Triumph, Blood-Kissed Sky, Fragments, The Indigo Spell, Asunder, Unravel Me, Everbound, Prodigy, ) Hey Christmas should be the gift that keeps giving all year long.
  • An animated header
  • A custom blog design with all the bells and whistles
  • All expense paid trip to ALA Midwinter or BEA
  • More books (The Forsaken, Falling Kingdoms, The Darkest Minds, Reached, actually would you just mind checking my wishlist on Goodreads. I am getting tired of typing.) To be fair these books have been hanging out on my TBR shelf for a long time. On second thought why don't you just get my a massive gift card to Amazon or Barnes so I can save you the trouble of having to pick out all these books for me. I am nothing if not considerate.
  • A pretty bookshelf with a lock, have to keep the books away from tiny sticky fingers.
  • A MacBook from which to  create my posts
  • Another Amazon gift card so I can giveaway my favorite new release or book each month next year.
  • A fancy cover for my Nook and Kindle
p.s. Don't forget all the things on my other list. This is just the book oriented list.

After reading some other bloggers wishlists I can't help but make a few small additions to this list.
  • A post editor
  • An ARC trading partner
  • An assistant who will answer all those emails, send out emails like requests, keep me social, keep track of all the upcoming books so I don't miss something, and most importantly keep me on track.

Thanks Santa you are the best.

Seriously as if I need more books. I already have more than I can read. But that doesn't stop me from longing to have more. Such a head case. :)

Anyway, thanks for the topic.