Wednesday, December 5

Obsession Confession: Swearing

Swearing: to use profane or obscene language : curse 
I often ask myself is it necessary to have obscene language in a book or even a movie? When is it necessary to the development of a character and when is it just a shorcut or cheap way to get a reaction?

I like to think that you could develop a devil may care character without the use of the profane. Sure sometimes nothing beats the use of a very carefully placed swear word to really emphasize the dire import of a moment. That isn't to say there isn't another way.

My personal taste errs on the side of swearing isn't necessary. There have been a handful of books I have left unfinished because I couldn't see the story through all the swearing. There is so much possibility in the English language why waste it? Help me see the moment or character instead of shocking me. Build something greater than a quick run by flashing.

Anyway enough of my blabbering.

What do you think of swearing in books?