Monday, December 31

Year in Review: 2012

Year in Review

Curious to know just what I have been up to this last year I decided to tally it all up. Plus I thought it would be nice to face the new year knowing what I had done with my previous 365 days.

Here are the results:
131 Reviews
Review Breakdown
15 Review Requests Accepted and Completed (11%)
21 NetGalley Reads (16%)
28 ARC Reads (Only one was a request the rest I either won or borrowed from a friend.) (21%)

11 Covers
2 Excerpts
5 Book Trailers
I h
4 Book Tours or Book Blasts
5 Blog Hops
1 Author Interview
1 Character Interview
1 Guest Post
3 Read-a-Thons
2 Bout of Books

33 Giveaways
8 Challenges

Armchair BEA
Spring Blog Carnival
Quote Me Battle Blog Event

Attended 3 Author Events
Started Twitter
Started Facebook
512 Blog Posts
139 Books Read
48,246 Pages Read
16 DNF (11%)
3 1 Ducky (2%)
19 2 Ducky (13%)
56 3 Ducky (40%)
39 4 Ducky (28%)
19 5 Ducky (13%)

Looking back at my reading stats I have come to realize that running a blog cuts into my reading time. The year before I started running this blog I managed to read 205 book over 60,000 pages. Since then I just can't reach those same numbers. I have no way of knowing if any of my blogging actually helps others as I originally intended. I really begin to wonder what will happen this next year. Of late I have felt less enthusiasm for blogging. Less pull to read. My happiest moments this year involve a couple of perfect book recommendations.

If I have any goal this next year it would definitely involve abolishing my TBR pile. The physical and eBook piles just have to go. I miss being able to read a book right when I select it. And wanting to select a book because I had no other to read.

So I hope to regain some of the fun of reading this year whatever it takes. Thanks for sharing this last year with me.