Friday, February 15

Eye Candy: LVI

During the week I spot different book covers that catch my eye for one reason or another. I keep track of them all here on my weekly Eye Candy post. Most of the books featured here I have not bothered to read the synopsis for. Just plain old fashioned cover envy or not in some cases. There are the occasional covers that catch my eye but not so much because I want to read them but more of a oh my goodness what were they thinking.

The Mirrored Shard

Caitlin Kittredge

Not the biggest fan of the brown theme. A bit depressing and dreary but the cover still catches the eye. She is really dolled up. Looks like a fashion star instead of a dystopian heroine. Wonder what is happening in this book to make her look like this.


Lauren Kate

Wow, what would that feel like disappearing into water. Do you ever have issues or feel like you really don't exist if someone isn't looking at you. Does it make it all that more special when you finally meet someone who does see you? I wonder what it would be like to wear a dress made of water. A bit revealing I should think and even cold.

Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling

So they are remaking the covers over. Very interesting. More playful and yet cultured. Do I detect a hit of Russian in Hagrid's look? Reminds me also of those paintings where everything is a bit blurred with fond remembrance and nostalgia.

Freak of Nature

Julia Crane

Creepy. And the synopsis makes this sound like such a sad story. What a horror that would be. Makes you want to reconsider marking yourself a donor on your driver's license.


Myra McEntire

I really need to find some spare reading room for this series. These covers freak me out just a bit. There is always something so uncomfortable looking about the girl. I most definitely would not want to be her.

Project Cain

Geoffrey Girard

I always find these Cain and Able stories irritating. But this cover is awesome. Black and white and definitely full of menace. Scary.

Spirit Walk

Richie Tankersley Cusick

Yet another eye cover. I love, love, love the spirit girl in her eye. It has got me very intrigued.


C.J. Redwine

Just when I thought I could easily not pick up the sequel to Defiance the cover gets released. Um, hello, this is a beauty. I may soon be finding myself sucked back into this dark world.

Across a Star-Swept Sea

Diana Peterfreund

What can I say about this one. It is very elemental and the girl seems a bit remote and yet above it all.. Lovely cover.

The Chaos of Stars

Kiersten White

Not really absolutely in love with this cover. It is nice and all but I don't feel it really tells me much about the contents of the book. But the synopsis left me wondering if this might just be a good read.

A Touch of Scarlet

Eve Marie Mont

Dramatic pose and that red shawl is just the perfect touch. It is so very ominous and yet beautiful. This synopsis scares me a bit. I haven't read the first book but it is on my pile. Not sure the premise of this one is quite my style.

Drowning in You

Rebecca Berto

Love this color scheme. It always draws my eye. Such a cute pose as well.

What do you think about the covers?

Like it, love it, or could do without it?

Seen any stunning covers you care to share?