Thursday, February 21

The Pale Assassin: Book Review

The Pale Assassin

Patricia Elliot

Holiday House
November 1st 2009
Young Adult | Historical

Official Blurb - 
Set during the French Revolution, this novel about a teen aristocrat who must question the justice of her own wealth while facing the cataclysmic divisions of her society will captivate readers as secrets come out, sympathies shift, and every choice can changeor enda life.

I don't think I am very fond of the French Revolution. The only way to pull off a great story during that time period would be to have very flamboyant passionate lively characters. Otherwise it is very dull bloody history. The characters in this story are anything but exciting. Eugenie is a spoiled airhead. Not very likeable. Armand, her brother, is a naive coward with high ideals and little to back them. Very droll. The assassin is pathetic. To dedicate one's life to revenge for one small moment is sad. But to be attempting to take revenge on a family perfectly capable of destroying itself is beyond pathetic. In this case the family is already ruined. Only two orphaned children remain and they are left to beg from friends. They have nothing. And their stupidity will certainly insure their imminent demise. So the assassin is a sad waste. Someone should strip him of that title as it is ill deserved.

Try as I could there was just no way to develop a connection with these characters. Their orphans so it should be easy. The best part of the book seems to be the opening. What a great scene between the assassin and the Marquis. After that it is all boring and downhill. I had to call it quits.

Violence: Moderate