Monday, January 9

Bout of Book Readathon: TBR Pile Picture and Search

 This is my physical TBR pile.  A bit larger than it usually is.  I have been going through a series bout of book addiction.  And I know there are ten books still on their way that should be on this pile.  It was much larger but the last readathon helped me trim off eight books.  Maybe this one will help as well.

This is my eTBR pile on the Nook.  Yep, I broke down and got myself a Nook for Christmas.  It is so much better than my old ereader (Kobo), which I might be giving away in the near future.  Can't decide yet.

I feel fairly confidant that I won't get all of these off the list.  But hopefully if I am very lucky I will get one for each day.  The really sad news is that I know as I look over each of your TBR piles I will be hit with even more envy and wish I was your neighbor and best friend.  Do you think we could work something out?