Monday, January 30

Its Monday: eReaders

First check this out it basically describes the point of my rambling. Its Monday

What do you think?  Paper or tablet?  Which eReader gets your vote for the best?
My thoughts on eReaders based on my experience: I have had a Kobo for a year now and I really don't like it. What I like the absolute least is the PDF format. I had reading books in this format since you have so much extra flipping involved just to see one page. And since the load for each page is horrendous it really slows down the overall reading time.  I also don't like that the button soon get depressed permanently.  While using this eReader I thought to myself that the book industry is a bit daft to encourage eBooks.  It takes so much longer to read and eBook than it would a physical copy.  Longer reading time equates to less books read overall.  That would mean a decrease in book purchases and by association money for their bottom line.  I think they meant to factor all these things in my making an eBook be almost the exact same price as a physical copy.  I really don't understand how that could be.  To my way of thinking it should be far cheaper to get an eCopy.  It almost doesn't exist and could be so easy to loose.  Ever heard of file corruption?  Not cool.  Then there is the battery life on the eReader.  So very annoying to be in the middle of reading a book and to lose power.  Or to have to wait to use it.  I also hate the glare when I try to read at night.  Also, the whole competition thing between the eReader companies.  I don't like how Kindle is so exclusive with their eBooks.  I feel I should be able to buy an ebook anywhere and read it on my eReader.  Then there is the whole thing about not being able to give your copy away or lend it.  I don't have any problem doing that with my physical books.
I now own a Nook but haven't had too much time to read on it yet.  But the few times I have used it I have liked several things.  The first being it has a much faster load when you turn a page.  It makes it easy to flip back and forth.  I like that you can search for a page or add highlights.  I often like to mark favorite quotes so I can go back to them later.  Not too hard when you have a physical book but impossible on a Kobo.  I dislike the touch portion of the Nook since it often doesn't work or works too well.  Both very annoying problems.
The Nook has made reading on the go just a bit easier.  But I still think I prefer to have a physical copy.  I love when I get a new book and I can use more than one sense to enjoy it.  Ever noticed that smell of a new book?  Or the crispness of the pages and uncharted territory on the spine?  To me it is just as special as new fallen snow unspoiled by man.  I love to hear the whisper of each page turning.  One of my favorite things about physical books is that once you have read them you have left an imprint of yourself and the experience on the book.  One of my favorite books looks so lovingly used by me that it often begs for another read.  All of its edges have lost their bite and it is now a familiar companion.
Anyway, enough said.