Monday, January 16

Its Monday: "Associate Reviewers"

First check this out it basically describes the point of my rambling. Its Monday

I am seeing an evolving trend with the "associate reviewer" thing, that and Wordpress.  So for those of us who are still a one man show as well as stuck at blogger are we going to be a thing of the past?  Are we going to be phased out much as VHS was?  Are the publishers and authors going to pass our blogs up for those who can afford to bring in five times the amount of readers based on their massive amounts of posts(including reviews, giveaways, and such)?  Do we single bloggers need to get with the program and find helpers or is it just a fad?  There are so many sites that started off as a group of friends with similar reading interests.  Then there are those who have lately been bulking up their review staff. 
I know I have been considering finding someone to help me out around here.  Though in my case I was thinking more of someone who knows the social ropes and can help out there.  Someone who wants to contact authors and publishers.  They would take care of following the blogger trends and keeping the social side alive.  That way when I don't have the time or feel up to it the blog doesn't suffer.  I can just sit and read.  I mean that is why I started this thing in the first place.  I wanted to read and share.  But the reviews would really be much better with a bit more umph.  And that umph is the social world in my mind.  To really bring the books to life we need contact with publishers and authors.  (I even volunteered my services over at Fire and Ice)  I wanted to see if I could make some friends and maybe learn some things.  But this cuts back on the time I can put in around here.
I haven't put it out there yet since I don't know how to find what I am looking for.  But I really begin to think if I don't get help socially and with reviews I won't be able to keep up with the big guys or get the attention of authors and publishers.  Perhaps, I should just be happy where I am and not try to reach and improve.  But the desire to improve is so much like an itch I can't scratch.
So anyway, what do you think about this whole thing?