Friday, January 20

Deja Vu: Of a Book Kind

by Melissa Darnell
by Marta Acosta
by M.J. Putney

With the similarities I am wondering if the inside is the same as well.  That couldn't possibly be but then I never thought I would see the first image on two different books.  And the third is just so similar if slightly different.  So who was first?  And who gets the prize for the best insides?  Know of any other cover repeats?

Marta Acosta(author of Dark Companion) has pointed out that there is yet another book with this same cover, as well as a few with similar ideas.  Check it out on her blog. HERE

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  1. Hi, Ephrielle, nice blog! You've got sharp eyes. I first learned about the repeated cover image from UK reader, who'd seen it used for Incubus by Carol Goodman. Then an Aussie reader told me about Crave! I've found a few more covers with the photo. I guess something about it caught the attention of cover designers. (I like the treatment on Incubus the best.)

    The US editions of Crave and Incubus have different covers since my publisher has the US rights. M.J.'s cover has since been changed, and the oldest version of this image came out on a contemporary romance book a few years ago, but was photoshopped into brownish tones and set by the sea.

    I wrote about these "doppelganger covers" on my Vampire Wire blog.

    Happy reading!