Saturday, January 14

Bout of Books: Day Seven Challenge

Hosted by Down the Rabbit Hole

I am pairing Kishan and Jacinda.  Sorry Will you are great and perfect and all but I had to pick someone and this seemed to be promising.  I was having a hard time picking since I felt everyone was paired perfectly.  Well, everyone I liked anyway.  Then I thought of Kishan and how I want him out of the romantic picture in this book.  But I really like him and think he should be happy.  So I thought what other girl out there has fire.  Jacinda would make an interesting match.  Tiger against Dragon.  Oh yeah, that should be some fun.  Just think if they ever get in an argument.  Don't you be mean to me I will roast you alive, buddy!  Ha ha ha.  Only if you can catch me lady before I claw your eyes out.  So yeah this is the reason I paired them.  They both seem so strong and awesome.  Why not?