Thursday, July 5

Dragons of Wendal: Book Review

Dragons of Wendal

Bear Mountain Books
July 1st 2012
Young Adult | Fantasy
Shape-shifters | Magic

Official Blurb - 
Learning new magic isn’t as easy as Zoe expected, especially when the mages at Gorgon University seem dead set against teaching. Add in some necessary late-night sneaking about, and Zoe is almost certain to be kicked out. As for exploring the intriguing mysteries across the border in Wendal, well, it has more teeth than she ever imagined.

Don't be fooled by the very short and simple blurb or the less than awesome cover. This is a satisfying read with great characters.  There is definitely more to this book than the blurb lets on. And it isn't anywhere as cheesy or shoddy as the cover given impression.

There were a few moments in this story that it would jump in fits leaving me a bit confused. At other times the pace would drastically speed up making things feel like they happened too fast. The romance, for example, built fast than slammed on the breaks and sped off again. Aside from a few anomalies it was an interesting story. It reminded me a bit of Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

The characters are highly entertaining. I enjoyed everyone's obsession with claiming Zoe. It was hilarious to follow her complete obliviousness to their true meaning. Very cute. I also loved Zoe's ability to offend the other characters when she is asking a sincere question. So funny. It is sweet that is turns out to be one of her many endearing characteristics.

The end comes with a feeling of the possibility of more to come yet is satisfying. Zoe is well placed and hopefully content. A good read in the world of fantasy.