Monday, July 2

Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Warfare


Blogging controversies? How do you address them? Do you join the Twitter frenzy? Write a ranty post? Stay on the sidelines and hope they go away?
How do you think we should address plagiarism scandals? Bad author behavior? Negative comments on our blogs?

 I must at least admit that my curiosity does strongly influence me to delve into the fray to find out what the fuss is all about. I can't say that all the effort edifies me in any way yet there is something fascinating about other people's dirty laundry. Well not really. When young I was always easy to jump to judgements about other people's actions and words. I would take offense or spread a little. It wasn't pretty and one day I came to that sad realization. I wish I could go back and undo all that stuff. The good thing is that I have learned at least a little. I haven't learned to be any better with my social graces. Offending people is a bit second nature to me. But I usually don't mean to do it these days. As such I really don't write ranty posts. I try not to comment when drama hits the fan. It seems that there is always someone out there ready to misinterpret your comment.
Is there honestly one thing out there that wasn't in some way plagiarized? I would rather read strikingly similar love triangles than no books at all. Is there really much originality left in the world? Artists paint an apple but they didn't create it, only put it in their own words. I figure it is best to keep to myself since I am certainly not without my errors. I would rather when someone comes across my error be given compassion and understanding than be dragged through the mud. If that is the treatment I hope for when my inevitable mistake comes along than the least I can do is to treat others the same. Besides tearing another person down won't make me a better person and it certainly won't make me more likeable. I am who I am.
Author behavior
Thankfully I haven't dealt with any bad behavior from authors. They have all be very nice to me even if I didn't like their book. If they were upset I can understand that. I can only imagine if I had poured my heart and soul into a book over a span of several months then put it out for others to see I might be a bit touchy when people spit on it. Who wouldn't? Once again though I try to go with the treat others as you want to be treated thing. So I try not to let it get to me when others are spreading stuff about bad author behavior.
In both of these topics what I find bugs me the most is the "ban" that people call for. They decide to pass judgement  and expect others to bow to their decision. Then when we decide to ignore we in turn draw their censure. Just because I don't want to be mean doesn't infer I am a bad person. If I put together a post because of my own likes I don't see why I should be frowned upon. I don't do the post with the intent of getting followers. I simply enjoy the post and therefore put it together. Also, I will comment where I feel inclined to add my penny thoughts. I don't care what the person has done or who says they should be blacklisted. If they put together a post that calls my attention I want to show my appreciation.
I am sorry if this has offended anyone but I wish we wouldn't fight. Why can't we just enjoy the awesomeness of the book blogging community. There are already enough outer forces trying to tear us down. We need to stick together and form a tight community that looks out for each other.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.