Thursday, July 19

Eona: Book Review

Alison Goodman
Penguin Group (USA)
April 19th 2011
Young Adult | Fantasy

Official Blurb -
Finally able to embrace her true identity, Eona has already won a massive personal victory. However, a major battle still rages for control of the empire. After slaughtering his own family, High Lord Sethon has seized the throne. Left unstopped, his relentless ambition would leave the whole country in ruins.

Although she is new to her powers, Eona is now the resistance's only hope. She must learn to harness the mysterious strength of her Mirror Dragon if Emperor Kygo is to claim back his kingdom. Yet knowledge comes at a price. Who can she trust, and how long can she resist the terrible truth of her ancestor's prophecy?

In the second book of the stunning Dragoneye duology, Eona's quest for self-discovery leads her on a perilous and devastating journey in which ties of love, loyalty and legend are shaken to the core.

I loved the many layers to the characters in this book. They are so much more real because they aren't defined by one flaw or one emotion. Each character shows their potential for both good and evil. The difference lies in the culmination of their decisions. It was nice to see the shift between good and evil that laid the characters in shades of grey. Eona has both sides drawing her into action. The two male leads play both sides very well. Many times during the book I loathed them both heartily and wished for them to find eternal torment yet they could turn that coin and capture my heart.

Eona walks a perilous path of logic and reasoning. Each moment and obstacle comes in very pretty packaging. There always seems to be a good reason to act even if it is a bad action. It doesn't help that the two male leads have very defined paths that they want her to follow. She has to discover where her heart is most willing and able to tread. Eona also makes very quick decisions, granted she doesn't have much time for consideration but I am not sure she would bother if she could. She also suffers from a huge lack of trust. If she would have sprinkled just a little around she might find her path a bit less daunting. Though I can understand why she is hesitant to ask for help. The others are all too willing to pass judgement on her actions.

Ido pushes all my creep buttons, or perhaps I am no good with forgiveness. I don't trust or even like him. He is a manipulator or at least more of a manipulator than Kygo. Ido isn't hesitant to take exactly what he wants. Even when he is 'giving' something precious it is still dark and ominous.

It was that early in the book there aren't any really close situations. Everything works out with their plans. It almost seemed too easy. Before long though the stakes really rise and nothing works out. It all worked together to even the field.

The characters are very complex with entirely realistic motives. Woven among the characters is a great story that will make the time fly.

Sexual: Moderate
Violence: Heavy

Moment Divine:
"It is not often that the real world conjures worse than what we can imagine."