Tuesday, September 20

Airhead: Book Review

by Meg Cabot

This one took me a bit by surprise.  I suppose that has most to do with my ideas of how the book would go down.  I was just expecting the usual two look a likes switch places for awhile until they realize their life really isn't that bad.  Yada, yada, yada.  You know what I mean.  So when the whole switcheroo occurs in a complete bizarre and frankly unethical way I was shocked.  It just seems so wrong and yet their reasoning for the procedure seems so rational.  Basically, I want to see how this all ends up and I wonder just what would be the complications of such a procedure.  I do, however, have a hard time with her being modest and then suddenly having no problem with being nigh on naked all the time.  It just doesn't seem quite believable to me.
The last thing that really made me wonder was Lulu's theory that all boys are in love with you.  I just don't buy it.  Looking back I just don't think that all the guys were in love with me on some level.