Thursday, September 29

Shattered Dreams: Book Review

by Ellie James
Publication Date: December 6th

Talk about master of misdirection.  This book was just full of confusing side paths.  So confusing, that by the end of the book I was rather lost as to the ultimate bad guy.  I am not really sure who he was or much else about that.  Although, the confusion was a good mirror of what Trinity was feeling.  I can't imagine what it would be like having to learn to navigate those images.  I am amazed she held on to reality as well as she did.  Is anyone else a bit ready for Chase to leave the picture?  In many ways there was so much build up and energy spent on that relationship that seems to be rather odd.  I like Dylan better and would much rather get to know him than Chase.  Maybe it is that dark and mysterious air around Dylan that grabs my attention.  The whole Chase has secrets and stuff just doesn't do it for me.  He is just too perfect, annoyingly so.  By the epilogue I was so thoroughly confused that I really don't understand what happened there at all.  I have a few guesses but still the ending was a bit of a let down after all the misdirection.  Somehow, I expected the villain to be a bit more awesome.  I suppose he is but we haven't technically met him yet since this the first book.
Aside from all of that it was a good read and was engaging.  I did get a bit tired of the internal drama in Trinity's head.  When she ran off I could only wish to reach in and give her a good smacking.  To me it just seemed she was been a bit too dumb.