Thursday, September 1

Keturah and Lord Death: Book Review

by Martine Leavitt

I was a bit disgruntled about the endings at first.  After a few minutes of pondering I came across the depth and beauty of what Keturah was saying.  This was a fast read and of average entertainment.  It really did read more like a legend or fairy tale told at bedtime or around a campfire.  So with that in mind I quite enjoyed my time entranced by the story.  I also really liked how the charm made distinctions between the guys.  It seemed to be able to measure the level of happiness she might enjoy with each one.  Or perhaps how much her mind would roam and wish to be elsewhere.  So I could readily see what choices would have made a content life or a happy one.  Compared to those that were so deep it surpasses mortal understanding.  I am glad that all the characters got a happy endings though I do wonder what happened in the relationship between Keturah and Lord Death after her death.  Did she accept his role in the life of every man or continue to step in between him and his charges?