Thursday, September 15

Misfit: Book Review

by Jon Skovron

Misfit is a perfect name for this book.  I felt as if someone had gone to a bunch of thrift stores and picked up random puzzle pieces.  Then forcibly put them together as one picture.  Ta da they said here is a masterpiece.  Yeah, not so much, it was ugly.  This book took far longer for me to get through than it should.  I ask myself, "Do I just hate demon related books?"  The answer is no I have taken a rather nice liking to some in the recent past.  There was mild swearing in this book and it felt so forced, as if the characters were trying to act like big adults.  Then the romantic interest was so weak and unappealing as to be retch worthy.  No wait, that would be too much effort.  So by the end of the book I felt more like the demon that they were trying to torture.  Yes, it was exquisite and who knows how I managed to finish it.  All of the characters should be medicated and placed in restraints.  Well, I guess all but the Mother who seems to be the one character that would have been worth following.  But as we are reminded multiple times she was pooped out and used as manure.  Yep, I am not kidding.  Pass this one up in favor of the far better choices out there.