Thursday, February 23

Book Tagged

I have been tagged! I almost missed that little detail on a recent comment. Very sneaky. Then I asked myself what in the world does that mean. Perhaps, there is a ginormous box load of books coming my way. Sweet! No that would be too good to be true. How about mentioned on someones blog. Hey, it could happen. Maybe, an author noticed my existence. Nah, could that happen? So curiosity got the better of me and I clicked. Yep, I followed the link back to its source. Turns out another someone wants to get to know some random facts about me, ten to be exact.

Oh wait, lets get the nitty gritty out of the way first.
1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create ten new questions to ask people that you have tagged.

3. Tag ten people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you've tagged them!

My tagger is Paige @ Comfort Books and here are her questions for me and my super stellar answers:

1. How long does it take you to read a book on average?
Well, I have these two little obstacles I like to call my children. Completely adorable when unconscious but otherwise stubborn and attention hogs. So, alas, I don't get so much reading done as I would like. If I try my absolute hardest with life factoring in the equation I can read a book in a couple of days.

2. What's your favorite genre inside of YA?
My absolute favorite subject to read about is Werewolves. Yep, they totally fulfill my wildest dreams when it comes to a book. Next on the list lately would have to be Dystopian and all of its heart stopping gory, oops glory. Yeah, not exactly genres but I like to think outside the box.

3. Vampires? Werewolves? or Fallen Angels? and why?
As mentioned in my previous answer Werewolves. I just don't get the fallen angel thing yet. The closest I have gotten to a good read on that subject is Angel Burn. Oh, and when it comes to vampires you are aware that Edward the shiny rock is just not attractive. Yech! (But I did enjoy the book, nevertheless)

4. How long have you been blogging for?
Exactly 2356 days. Just kidding, I made that number up. I have been blogging since those disappointing days after Christmas of 2010.

5. What is your favorite book turned movie or TV Series?
Is that possible? I do enjoy Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth. Also, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. But I haven't actually read Lord of the Rings.

6. Out of the books you've read this year who is your favorite book couple?
Ha ha ha. As if I could choose, you do know I have read a lot of books. Okay, okay, just let me look at my Goodreads pile and think of a couple. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (much later) Oh, yeah I was putting this post together. I got side tracked on Twitter. For this year my favorite couple would have to be, Saba and Jack from Blood Red Road by Moira Young.

7. How many days a week do you read?
Six out of the seven.

8. Who are your top 5 favorite authors?
Georgette Heyer is a favorite of mine. Other than that I am completely persuadable otherwise. I have enjoyed Maria V. Snyder, Shannon Hale, Cassandra Clare, Julie Kagawa, and so many more. You would really have to check out my Goodreads profile to get a better answer.

9. What is one of your favorite book blogs?
I am really bad at favorites. Basically, I read whatever post strikes my fancy. So I have a healthy number of books blogs I peruse on a regular basis.

10. Are you a writer? If so how do you keep yourself motivated? If your not a writer how do you keep yourself motivated to read?
Well, I have a few story ideas written out on my computer. Maybe, someday I will actually do something with them. But at this point I am completely content to read the masterpiece's of others. Reading is hard to stay motivated to do. Right now I have so many books piled up for review I have to set a daily page count goal to get through it. I am thinking I need to take a break from accepting reviews so I can just read for fun. When I get to read a phenomenal book I find ample motivation to keep reading.

Alright, so here is the part where I find more victims:
A little something about me, I dare to defy the follow chain. Yep, I have tons of bad luck stacked up over my shoulder. Oh well, I can't really help it.  I really just rebel against expectations. Why do you think I love escaping into books so much? So I won't be picking ten unfortunate souls to torture with my questions. Instead, I will just send my questions out into cyberspace and see if anyone answers back.

1. If you could have any book instantly memorized cover to cover, which book would you choose?

2. If money and time weren't an issue would you be attending all of the various book conventions and author parties?

3. If you could meet any one fictional character who would you choose?
4. Have you ever wanted to meet an author? If so, who would it be?

5. What is the best book recommendation you have ever gotten?

6. Have you ever combined stalking with your love of books?

7. Do you sniff books and pet covers?

8. Ever jumped up and down after getting a book? Care to share the source of such happiness?

9. Ever wished it were possible to live inside one of the fictional worlds you have read? If so, which one?

10. What book are you most looking forward to right now?

Dear Cyberspace,

Please suck this post up into your black hole depths.