Friday, February 24

Hana: Novella Review

by Lauren Oliver
February 28th 2012
Young Adult/ Dystopian

This is a short story from the point of view of Hana. It takes place around the raid that also involved Lena.
Not everyone falls in love when they are young, several just explore the finer points of lust. Hana takes a walk on the wild side and is searching for something that makes her feel complete. In her haste she may have missed the mark. On top of that she faces some friendship problems and a serious change in her future. All of these things could easily breakdown the most stalwart of individuals and Hana is no exception.
I am not sure if it is necessary to read this novella in order to understand what happens. Perhaps, what has been divulged within will be discovered in Pandemonium. If not, this is a definite must since the last pages are a bit chilling and really adds depth to what occurred at the end of Delirium.