Friday, February 24

My Fair Book Date: Switched

So I took the plunge and dared to let a friend set me up on a date with a few reservations. I got to pool together five dates and let them decide the lucky one.
I picked five guys I can't actually remember at the moment. Okay, yeah so that isn't a good thing. But in my defense I have had a really busy month for reading and my brain is a bit stretched. Anyway, so my secret matchmaker has done her best and decided upon. . .

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Here is the little tidbit I got in explanation of the choice.

"My choice is Switched by Amanda Hocking. I looked through your blog and noticed that you seems to love paranormal and fantasy genre's a lot and after reading some reviews and watching the book trailer for Switched - I realized it was the perfect book to suggest. I read on a review that Amanda Hocking's book is "A mix between The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff and The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa." I really do hope you enjoy this book (I have a copy sitting here just waiting to be read and I am looking forward to it)."

So I have stayed out late with my date and tried my best to enjoy the treat. Here is the result in summary. . .

Yeah, glad that date was over.  My "dream" date turned out to be a bit of a bore. Although there was a bit of unexplained higher knowledge and severe mood swings. There was a real lack of depth to my date and we spent far too much time going on and on about proper behavior. No desperate kiss full of passion is enough to sway my opinion. But there at the end my date did throw in a bit of intrigue. I suppose if I can't line up any other dates for a night in my future I might just be tempted to see what else is hiding in my dates future.

Remember I picked this book out as a possible target and my matchmaker had to pick from my choices. I have no one but myself to blame for my original choice.

Thank you for the fun event.