Wednesday, June 6

Armchair BEA: Networking

Boy do I ever network, crazy networking going on here!

At the last author signing I went to I was so on top of my networking game I didn't even mention I was a blogger to over half the authors. So stellar that I didn't contact the book store before hand to let them know a blogger was coming. In fact this last part didn't even occur to me until days after the event. 

I like this question since it is helping me see just how far I have to go when it comes to networking. I need to work to connect with other bloggers, authors, publishers, and bookstores. Most of my recent attempts have been a shy half-hearted attempt to connect with other bloggers. In this I have met a couple of really great bloggers. One was so awesome she let me borrow some of her ARCs. I try to show my appreciation toward authors but wouldn't dream of doing much more. Publishers are a complete mystery to me. My attempts have gone nowhere and have made me wary of more attempts. I am ready to stay in my own corner again.

My local bookstore is more of a used adult fiction book swap which doesn't serve my needs at all. Living on the edge of society really hampers some of the options. Hopefully this year I can make some solid connections and by next BEA find myself with people to meet and hang out with. Until then this is a good start. . .