Thursday, June 21

Torrent: Book Review

Lisa T. Bergren
David C. Cook
September 1st 2011
Young Adult | Fantasy | Historical (1345)
Time Travel

Official Blurb -
When Gabi and Lia finally learn to surf the river of time, they realize they must make hard choices about life and love in the third and final book in the River of Time series.  

Gabi and Lia Betarrini have learned to control their time travel, and they return from medieval Italy to save their father from his tragic death in modern times.   But love calls across the centuries, and the girls are determined to return forever—even though they know the Black Plague is advancing across Europe, claiming the lives of one-third of the population. In the suspenseful conclusion of the River of Time series, every decision is about life … and death.  

A great ending to a great set of books. It is safe to say that the main characters have an extra strong helping of luck in their back pocket. As a lover of happy endings I was very pleased but it was all extremely unlikely. 
Gabriella is such a headstrong careless girl in regards to her safety. Her need to save everyone throws her through the gauntlet this time. Especially since the Fiorentini are finally through underestimating her. But the perfect trap hold further danger. All the flattery and adoration finally gets to her head and places her in a compromising situation. At times, Gabriella seems very heedless of how her decisions affect others, such as Marcello. She seems to hold strongly to an idea of being invincible or that nothing bad could ever really come to pass. In part, I feel this is the biggest contributor to her snap. She reaches that moment where she believes she has met her match.
It was nice to see Marcello settle into his element. He becomes one of the Nine and easily inspires loyalty in those around him. Gabriella is highly blessed to have captured Marcello's heart. He lives in a time when women aren't allowed to think much less rush into battle. It is amazing what she gets away with and even more so that he is always there to save the day. 
The bad guys in this book really step it up a notch. I can't imagine being in Gabriella's shoes. How she found the will to keep fighting back is staggering. Through the other books the Ladies Betarrini begin to be worshiped and lauded as unassailable warriors, but we finally see they are just as fallible as any mortal. Everything catches up to Gabriella. Battles, captures, escapes, deaths, love, betrayal, and endless threats finally bring her crashing down. Yet, in this moment, we see how her self-sacrificing love for others has in turn inspired fierce devotion. She finds allies in the least likely places.
The relationship between Marcello and Gabriella is refreshing. There is very little miscommunication riddling their way. Marcello easily admits his feelings and seeks clarification as he understands the value of each day. 
A first-rate series from start to finish. I absolutely recommend all the books to any seeking to be happily entertained.

Sexual: mild
Violence: moderate
Main Character Age: 17