Monday, June 4

Book Blogger Confessions: 6/4

Question for Monday June 4th: 

Choosing your next book. How do you decide which book to read next? How do you balance “review” reading with “fun” reading? (Thank you to Kitt from Paperback Dolls for suggesting this topic)

Balance, what is that? Once upon a time I had balance. I used to not buy any books. Or at least the books I bought were already tried and loved. I would just cruise the library shelves and pick what suited my fancy. All my reading was based on my own desires and whim. Then one year after Christmas I had this crazy idea to start blogging about the books I read. At first it didn't affect the books I choose to read. With time bit by bit I began reading less by whim and more by schedule. How do I choose what to read next? I am in a survival state when it comes to reading. My shelves are too full of books that need to be read and my review pile is rather full. I am just trying to keep from getting crushed by all the books. 

Here is what determines what I read next:

Release Date (ARCs - I really do try to read them before release)
Due Date (Good ol'Library)
Event Date (Author signings, blog challenges, and book club)
Sequel Release Date

If by some miracle I don't have anything that fits into those categories I will pick based on either:

Oldest Book on the Pile

All my efforts to get out of survival mode are making some dents in the pile. I am taking less review books and trying to clean off the shelves. Since I am not getting any ARCs I should be seeing drastic improvements very soon. I will soon be back to mostly reading by whim with a sprinkling of review books.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.