Monday, August 20

Book Blogger Confessions: Book Opinions


Have you ever loved a book that you know is not a great literary gem? Maybe it's filled with spelling errors, tired cliches, and is utterly cheestastic but you loved it anyway.
How do you handle that as a blogger who is used to critical thinking and analysis? Do you pretend you never read the book - never to be reviewed or added to your Goodreads shelf :-)?

Do you write a review but maybe apologize and make excuses as to why you enjoyed it or are you bold and proud of any book you enjoyed?

Conversely - have you read a classic, that is considered a literary gem but you just didn't get it? Are you embarrassed to admit that or do you review it anyway?

Never in my wildest dream would I ever think of myself as capable of "critical thinking and analysis."  Who me? No you must be mistaken. I am a very ordinary person who likes to read and then talk about my feelings about what I read. Mostly I talk about the characters or how the book ends. I don't have critical thinking and analysis in my repertoire, that or a quirky personality. Which is why publishers aren't damaging my mailman's back. So I haven't ever come across the scenario of liking something others don't. There is Twilight but that was before the movies ruined everything.

When it comes to classics, I am usually blind to their merits. I just don't get it. Why do people like to read these long boring drawn out miserable stories? Granted I haven't read them all, hardly any in fact. I do enjoy a clean historical romance, Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte. I haven't had the opportunity to review any classics since I have been absolutely flooded with YA books to read.

But I will say there is one set of books I don't bother to review. Perhaps I am afraid of what others will think. Or maybe it is because I would give most of their category horrible ratings. I read a TON of children's picture books. Every night I read to my child and I never bother to add them all to my goodreads or even review them. I don't imagine anyone would care what I think. Not only that but there is a real sad lack of quality stories. Whatever happened to the good books I remember reading as a child?

Anyway, thanks for the topic.


  1. I don't add the books I read or have to my kids on goodreads.

    I know that sometimes I need a break from reviewing books so I add fluff books. But I know that my reviews aren't literacy masterpieces :)

    1. Lately I have been so unhappy with my reading material. Nothing is really striking me as perfect or in many cases note worthy. It doesn't help to get to the end of a book and have nothing to say about it. I need some good fluff reads. Preferably funny!

  2. I think that while I don't always succeed in critical thinking, I do like to try to at least bring something to the review that is worth discussing. I read so slow that I don't have time for "fluff" books. : (

    1. I used to take time out to re-read favorites but lately I have been so swamped with books I can't find time. It is a struggle just to get all the books read. Perhaps I need a sabbatical.

  3. I follow a blogger that reviews books that she reads to her kids and lets them write a few sentences.

    I haven't taken English since HS so I know I'm not qualified or interested in writing a really deep review. I admire those who can but it's not me.

    I can't even force myself to write a review if I'm not feeling any type of strong emotion.

    I keep trying the classics...I'm sure one of them will be enjoyable. I just haven't found it yet.

    1. To each their own. Don't worry if classics don't work for you. There are so many books out there and those authors are long gone. It won't break their hearts. Plus, there are some enjoyable stories out now.