Friday, August 31

Eye Candy: XXXII

During the week I spot different book covers that catch my eye for one reason or another. I keep track of them all here on my weekly Eye Candy post. Most of the books featured here I have not bothered to read the synopsis for. Just plain old fashioned cover envy or not in some cases. There are the occasional covers that catch the eye but not in I want to read that book more of a oh my goodness what were they thinking.

Elana K. Arnold
I want to be this girl standing in this amazing place. She must have the most spectacular view, so very healing and peaceful. 

The Mayfair Moon
J. A. Redmerski
They had me with the moon, pose, and the prospect of werewolves. A bonus with all that swirly mist in the background. I have a weakness for a little mist.

Jessica Therrien
She has a serious Mona Lisa face. If you look long enough you can see so many things. Impassive, defiant, sad, who know what else. She is messing with my mind. I do really like the bubble thing and the red eyes.

Falling to Ash
Karen Mahoney
Her hair gives me the creeps. That and that no matter how hard I try I can't quite figure out where her body is and where the beige nothingness begins. But other than those I like this cover.

Amanda Hocking
First thought: Wow, I want to be on that vacation. Looks amazing.
Then I started to wonder what was with the yellow feathers. On further examination the waves in the front started to look very odd maybe even a bit backwards. This sort of ruined the whole look for me.

Michelle Madow
My first thought: What is that on her face? UGH!!!
Couldn't they have placed the mast strings just a bit differently so it didn't look like she had drawn a magic marker mustache on her face?

Wide Awake
Shelly Crane
Oh my goodness can they make this any more yellow? Very unappealing not to mention an eye sore. Plus I can't help but feel she is sleeping upside down. It bugs me.

What do you think about the covers?
Like it, love it, or could do without it?