Wednesday, August 15

Quote Me: A Battle of Quotes Nominations

Not so recently The YA Sisterhood held their YA Crush Tourney in which we picked out the top dog amongst the fictional boy candy. That is all good and tasty but what I want to know is. . .

They can walk the walk
 but can they talk the talk?

So here at Hope, Love, and Happy Endings I am putting together a little battle of quotes. Why not let our favorite quotes face each other head on and see what happens?

For the next little bit I will be taking careful note of your nominations. Come October the battle will commence. Only one quote will be left standing in each category.

The battle is in no way limited to male characters. Please submit your favorite quotes whether from a female or male character. Please specify the characters name and the book from which the quote originates. If you feel your quote needs any extra explanation please feel free to include that as well. 

Depending on how many nominations come in I might have a female and a male winner of each category. We will have to wait and see.

There are five categories:

  • Who doesn't love to laugh?
  • Give me your best shot, make me weak in the knees.
  • Mostly speeches of their ultimate awesome plan or gloating of their glorious moment of triumph.
  • Here is where the Classics will battle for supremacy.
  • Anything that doesn't fit the above categories. It may be a rather enlightening quote or a particularly beautiful description.
There will be giveaways associated with the battle. For the Villainous category if you don't have a quote please feel free to nominate your favorite villain. 

As a little incentive I thought a giveaway might be in order. Nominate a quote to enter the giveaway.

An ARC of The Blessed is up for grabs in the giveaway. 
Don't forget to fill out the nomination form below. I will be checking.

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