Monday, August 13

TBR August: ARC Challenge

I have laid down a challenge for myself to unburden my shelf. Yes, this is an ongoing challenge. It all started last Christmas when I started a three month super book splurge. On top of some very heavy loans from the library and friends. There was also an unhealthy amount of reviews being done on request. The pile grew to monstrous proportions. Really unbelievable! Plus I kept adding a few more here and there. So for the past three months I have been trying to dig myself out. I started by cutting back on review requests and library lending. I LOVE the library and have a really hard time not picking up a pile of new books every time I go, which is often. I also tried scheduling myself to keep order to the chaos. All of my efforts have stemmed the growth of the pile and maybe shrunk it infinitesimally. More measures must be taken!!!

Currently my focus is on reading all the ARCs. I am ready to give them all away. But first I need to either read them or decide to pass.

Here is the list I have starting at the beginning of the month:

The Dark Unwinding
The Difference Between You and Me
Breaking Beautiful
Poison Princess
Keeper of the Lost Cities
Trail of the Spellmans
After Obsession

Not too bad as far as progress so far. But don't get to excited for me succeeding. I may or may not have checked out more books at the library yesterday.