Monday, August 13

Bout of Books: Literary BFF

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
Mini Challenge hosted by Auggie Talk

Bout of Books Mini-Challenge
My Literary Best Friend!

Everyone has that one character. The character that they know they could relate to, get along with, have fun with, and laugh with. A literary BFF!

Tell us who your literary BFF is and why they're your always friend. What do you guys do together? What do you talk about? Get creative and let us know who your Literary Best Friend is!


I just know I have felt this vibe before but try as I might that person just wasn't coming easily to mind. After a bit of brain searching I came up with two. Hey, who says you can only have one BFF. Besides these gals lead some really busy lives, saving the world and some sweet time with their special guys.  I sure wouldn't want to take up all their time. That would mean they can't finish out their super awesome stories. It wouldn't be even remotely good. So my two picks are:

Alina Starkov

She is such a sweet down to earth girl. We would make shadow puppets on the wall and attend all the best banquets. We would go out into the Fold and shine some light on those big bad creatures. We would talk about guys and jobs with dumb bosses. She is always showing me the latest Grisha fashions and taking me to some awesome cultural parties. I think she likes me mostly because I always have a yummy sweet hanging around my place.



Mostly we just like to mess with poisons. Yep, we like to share all these lovely little supplements with the more shifty part of society. When she used to be at her classes I would visit and attend with her. She learns the most interesting things. Who knew there could be such power in such seemingly harmless stuff? Sometimes we may torment our potential candidates for the poisons just a little bit. Hey they deserve what they get right? They have the mark, so no worries. We don't spend much time talking about guys. She has been in some tough places. But we do watch a comedy or two. When you are the handmaiden to Death you could use a laugh now and again.