Monday, November 5

Book Blogger Confessions: Politics


Should bloggers & authors discuss politics? Does that turn you off to a blogger or an authors books if they tweet/post about their political positions or do you appreciate their passionate point of view?

Politics and I don't really mix. I will sit down and do my duty when a Presidential election or a controversial topic is up for voting. But I don't put signs up or care to discuss it outside that sit down moment where I fill out my ballot.

I don't have a problem with others discussing politics. To each their own. I think you have to consider your realm of influence when liberally giving out your political opinions. The higher your influence the more people who are watching and may be swayed but what you have to say. So think carefully.

I am one to ignore tweets and posts that don't interest me. But when it comes to tweets I am more likely to at least read them. And I will say that there has been one author that I felt her views affected what I thought of both her and her books. Sadly not in a positive way. We are fickle creatures.  

Regardless of that one time, I do feel that people should stay true to themselves. So if you are a political minded person you should share. Just don't shove it in other peoples faces or get overly upset when some don't care to participate in your fervor.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.