Monday, November 5

Who Wants a Deleted Scene from Edenbrooke?

I don't know about you but I was completely taken with Edenbrooke. I could not put it down, which is why I finished reading it at three thirty in the morning. While I am waiting semi-patiently for the publication of Blackmoore I wouldn't mind a little bit of extra from the Edenbrooke world. So when I saw this post on Julianne Donaldson's site I couldn't help but be drawn in by its tantalizing promise. One deleted scene from Edenbrooke. All we have to do is get Edenbrooke into the semi-final round.

We can do this! We must do this or we may never find out just what this tantalizing deleted scene contains.

Yes this is a campaign for a tiny snipet of Edenbrooke

Join the cause.

Spread the word. 

But most importantly go and VOTE for Edenbrooke.