Friday, November 9

Eye Candy: LI

During the week I spot different book covers that catch my eye for one reason or another. I keep track of them all here on my weekly Eye Candy post. Most of the books featured here I have not bothered to read the synopsis for. Just plain old fashioned cover envy or not in some cases. There are the occasional covers that catch the eye but not in I want to read that book more of a oh my goodness what were they thinking.


Sharon M. Draper

I also saw a book cover that had this same butterfly on a guys arm. He had a tatoo of it and part of the tattoo was coming to life and peeling off his arm. While neat I just had a hard time with this particular butterfly lending the guy a masculine air. But back to this cover, I like the emotion it captures. How would you feel similarly situated?


Fiona Paul

I don't think this is my type of book but I really like this cover. Much better than the other. This dress is fabulous.

Night School

C. J. Daugherty

Now this is a book I want to read. It doesn't sound really original but I think the combo of the cover and the blurb has me intrigued.

The Moon and More

Sarah Dessen

Such a care free and warm feeling emanating from this cover. It almost seems like if I could just read this book I would find the same emotions for myself.

You Look Different in Real Life

Jennifer Castle

This might perhaps be the first time that the colored highlights have seemed almost natural. Almost makes me want to go out and get some bright pink highlights as well.


Katherine Longshore

This book looks a bit. . .umm. . .much for my tastes. But the cover certainly conveys abandon.

After Daybreak

J. A. London

How can this cover be out already? I haven't had a chance to read the prequel to this one. The jury is still out on this cover. It comes across a bit bleak. I have so little to judge it on, having not read the previous book. But even so it does get me excited to read more in this storyline.

The Demon Lover

Juliet Dark

This book is definitely out of my interest range but I love the range of blues. Lovely.

What do you think about the covers?

Like it, love it, or could do without it?