Monday, November 12

Obsession Confession: Swag

Swag -

When I first started book blogging I had absolutely no idea what swag was. It sounds swanky yet it was a completely unfamiliar word. I found myself having one of those senior moments that I dread so much. How is it possible I could feel so old when I am certainly still young (enough)? Well with a bit of persistence I finally got a grasp on this swag business. As I have come to understand it swag is anything related to the book without being the actual book. For example: jewlery, keychains, bookmarks, t-shirts, pens, seed packets, flashlights, guitar picks, book plates, posters, stickers, etc. Once I figures this out I was left with a complete lack of understanding as to why I would want these items. 

I entered the book blogging world because I LOVE to READ. Why would I want these items that AREN'T books? So I just skipped all these little trinkets with a small shake of the head. But as I sunk farther and farther into the realm of books I soon found that this thing called hype makes all the difference. When there is a bunch of hype going on concerning some book suddenly the swag is a must have. Suddenly it is like getting a tiny glimpse of that celebrity through the crowds. You begin thinking if this is as close as I can get to this party I will take it. Subtract the hype and you just have a pile of trinkets. 

Now I have become selective of the swag that interests me. To each their particular poison. I am not the biggest fan of posters. I like the fun little jewelry trinkets, not the rubber wristbands. Stickers are fun if they say something clever. I probably already have more bookmarks then I will ever need but I don't mind adding another handful or so.

What I want the absolute most is a t-shirt. In fact I want many book t-shirts. The first t-shirt I saw and coveted was from the Iron Realm series. Ever since I have tried and failed many times to get any number of book t-shirts. I love t-shirts and would gladly go around every day sporting digs from all the best books. That old saying from grade school comes to mind. Well if you love "insert thing" so much why don't you marry "insert thing"? Well I can't marry books but I would gladly wear a book t-shirt. If only I could figure out how to get my hands on some.

What do you think about swag?

Any particular type of swag that gets your attention better than others?