Friday, November 2

For the Love of YA + Epic Giveaway

First I just have to say, oh my goodness! Yep, Beth Revis has done it again. Another Epic Giveaway the likes of which all should hurry to join in. So I better get to sharing some details.

For this month of Thanksgiving Beth Revis is asking us to answer a simple question.

Why do you love YA? 

I started out in the classics. My high school English teachers did a fabulous job of getting my hooked on classics. I then attempted to branch out into other adult fiction books. Well, it didn't work as well as I had hoped. Since I am not a fan of sexual content or language more often than not I had to put a book down without finishing. No one likes to leave a book unfinished, or at least I don't. It got to the point that I stopped reading. Then I remembered back to my teenage days and decided to look up an old favorite author. Walking into the YA section at the library really opened up a whole new world of books. Even though there are still books with sexual content and language there weren't as many. I am able to find so many books to read that satisfy my reading desires. It is such a great feeling. So now that I am safely entrenched in YA I have no intention of returning to adult fiction. Or at least no immediate intention. I suppose I could undergo some drastic personality change and everything would be different. But until that happens I am very thankful for YA. Plus, those were some fun carefree days. Where everything seemed a little more epic and full of so much promise. Those were the days full of dreams and fun. I like to remember just a little through all the YA books. I may be older but I still appreciate many of the same things I did back then. I am so very thankful for all those YA authors out there that have entertained me for countless hours and who will continue to entertain me.

So here is a lovely graphic that will link you right up to the giveaway. Hurry over and share why you are thankful.