Monday, March 18

Book Blogger Confessions: Can't Teach a Blog New Tricks

Question:What is important in design for the blogs you follow? What features/elements do you appreciate? What are big turn offs?
My absolute favorite blog design and long time secret(or perhaps no longer secret) desire of my heart for my own blog design is The Pioneer Woman. Her blog screams personality and I love the functionality of it. I really want to have that scrolling window she does. It would fit the way I blog perfectly. Alas, I have not the coding abilities in which to accomplish that feat. I barely know how to code a basic text only blog page. I am also pretty sure finding someone else to code it for me wouldn't be the best investment for me right now. 
When I started blogging I really loved the look of Reading Teen. They have since gotten on the simplify bandwagon and it just isn't the same. I still love For What It's Worth's blog design. I have been following her for two years and haven't tired of her color scheme or graphic. 
There is one blog I follow regularly that I wish did not have white or light colored writing against a black background. It is always such an eye strain for me. For the most part I think we all have similar basics to our blogs. So it is very easy to navigate them. I most dislike ads. They just don't feel like they belong. Turning something fun into a money machine. I get why people do them but I just don't think they look very good. Of course, I have never stopped following because of ads. I have however stopped following blogs if their graphics start to get a little bit risque. I am not a fan of such graphics plus I have little children roaming around my house. Don't want these sorts of images being seen by their sweet innocent eyes. 
It seems to me that since I started blogging there are have two different fads in blog design. Either simplification or news reel. The news reel one is definitely harder to get accustomed to. I always feel so out of the loop since I still have the same layout from the beginning. Just can't seem to teach myself new tricks. :)

I myself can never seem to be satisfied with my design. Always I am wishing for a something different. Largely betrayed to you by my divulging my secret wish. But I get tired of the same old graphics. Right now I certainly am wishing for a graphics overhaul but with spring in the air I lack the time.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.