Tuesday, March 5

Princess of Glass: Book Review

Princess of Glass

Jessica Day George

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Twelve Dancing Princesses #2
May 25th 2010
Young Adult | Fantasy
Official Blurb - 
Hoping to escape the troubles in her kingdom, Princess Poppy reluctantly agrees to take part in a royal exchange program, whereby young princes and princesses travel to each other's countries in the name of better political alliances--and potential marriages. It's got the makings of a fairy tale--until a hapless servant named Eleanor is tricked by a vengeful fairy godmother into competing with Poppy for the eligible prince. Ballgowns, cinders, and enchanted glass slippers fly in this romantic and action-packed happily-ever-after quest from an author with a flair for embroidering tales in her own delightful way.

Cinderella done in a way only Jessica Day George could do. It was an adorable read. Quick and light with a good bunch of characters.

Prince Christian isn't your average full of himself good looking guy. Poppy isn't the average prim and proper princess.

A very enjoyable fairy tale retelling. I definitely recommend it for those who are a fan of fairy tales.