Thursday, September 27

Afterlife: Book Review


Claudia Gray

March 8th 2011
Young Adult | Fantasy
Vampire | Ghost

Official Blurb -

The fourth novel in "New York Times"-bestselling author Gray's Evernight series, "Afterlife" presents the powerful conclusion to the love story between a vampire-born girl and the boy trained to kill her kind.
There are a smattering of great characters in this book. Sadly Lucas and Bianca don't make the bar. It took me too long to care what would happen to them. I was fairly happy resigning them to hopelessly separated and felt they should just accept it. They bugged me with all the downer emotions. Vic and Ranulf are the top characters on my list. Very funny pair! After that follows Patrice and Balthazar on my list.

Several interesting deep sub-stories are revealed in this book. The worst part is that the story is slow to build and doesn't demand your attention.

I wish they hadn't brought up the future of their relationship at the end. It brought reality crashing down around the book, sort of soured a beautiful moment with sadness even if they were attempting to be all positive about it. The ending felt like one of those twisted logic problems. The harder I tried to follow the logic the more confused I became. I decided to just accept it works and move on.

I am a bit curious about what will happen with Balthezar. Perhaps I will try to read Balthezar and see what it is about. 

It wasn't horrible but it wasn't terribly exciting either. Maybe it would have been better if there wasn't such a time gap for me between the books. It seemed I had lost touch with the plight of their situation and couldn't easily get back into it. This whole series would probably work better read in one big lump.

Sexual: Mild
Swearing: Mild
Violence: Moderate
Moments Divine:
"All my best friends are dead people. Someday I've got to figure out how that happened."
"Talking to yourself, freak?"
"Sometimes that's what you've gotta do for some intelligent conversation," Lucas answered."