Monday, September 17

Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Relations


Blogger relations: Are there blogs you visit and comment on because you like their style, voice etc.(maybe you even converse with the blogger on Twitter & Facebook) but those comments are never reciprocated on your blog?. Do you get a bit offended or do you understand that they may be busy? Or do you comment just because you like a post not expecting anything in return?


When I comment I don't expect anything in return. I simply want to show my appreciation of their post. There are bloggers that I stalk fairly closely on Twitter. If I see their name pop up I make a point of at least reading what they have to say. I try to always comment if a thought pops in my head in response to what they say. I know what it is like to send information off into cyber space and not get a response.

This is a great topic, it is making me consider possibilities I never had before. I am not really great at reciprocating comments. There are times when I make a huge effort to track the comments down and return the kindness. Usually I do this all in one day. Luckily I don't have that many comments. More often than not I just try to reply to the comments.

I never even considered the idea I might be offending people by not following their comments back to their blog and returning the favor. Yikes! I will have to try harder and set aside some time for this. Do you think it is common to take offense at not having your comment returned? I really am sorry if that has happened. Life is pretty busy. I have found that being a book blogger is far more time consuming than I originally thought. You need time for:
  • Reading(obviously, without books how can you blog about them?)
  • Writing Reviews
  • Responding to Review Requests
  • Following other Bloggers Posts and Tweets
  • Trying to keep an eye on publishers and authors
  • Writing Posts
I find there are so many places for my attention that there is always something slipping through the cracks. In fact sometimes they don't feel like cracks so much as a grand canyon that swallows everything. I am sure I didn't even remotely cover all the places my attention is needed in blogging. If it weren't for other bloggers doing the leg work I would be in the dark most of the time. So I would definitely not want to be offending them when I am so grateful.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.