Monday, September 17

Book Blogger Confessions: Blogger Relations


Blogger relations: Are there blogs you visit and comment on because you like their style, voice etc.(maybe you even converse with the blogger on Twitter & Facebook) but those comments are never reciprocated on your blog?. Do you get a bit offended or do you understand that they may be busy? Or do you comment just because you like a post not expecting anything in return?


When I comment I don't expect anything in return. I simply want to show my appreciation of their post. There are bloggers that I stalk fairly closely on Twitter. If I see their name pop up I make a point of at least reading what they have to say. I try to always comment if a thought pops in my head in response to what they say. I know what it is like to send information off into cyber space and not get a response.

This is a great topic, it is making me consider possibilities I never had before. I am not really great at reciprocating comments. There are times when I make a huge effort to track the comments down and return the kindness. Usually I do this all in one day. Luckily I don't have that many comments. More often than not I just try to reply to the comments.

I never even considered the idea I might be offending people by not following their comments back to their blog and returning the favor. Yikes! I will have to try harder and set aside some time for this. Do you think it is common to take offense at not having your comment returned? I really am sorry if that has happened. Life is pretty busy. I have found that being a book blogger is far more time consuming than I originally thought. You need time for:
  • Reading(obviously, without books how can you blog about them?)
  • Writing Reviews
  • Responding to Review Requests
  • Following other Bloggers Posts and Tweets
  • Trying to keep an eye on publishers and authors
  • Writing Posts
I find there are so many places for my attention that there is always something slipping through the cracks. In fact sometimes they don't feel like cracks so much as a grand canyon that swallows everything. I am sure I didn't even remotely cover all the places my attention is needed in blogging. If it weren't for other bloggers doing the leg work I would be in the dark most of the time. So I would definitely not want to be offending them when I am so grateful.

Anyway, thanks for the topic.


  1. I hear ya! Some days I barely have time to write a post never mind return comments.

    I do try to at least catch up with my favorite blogs daily and a few new ones every week. I do return all comments except during giveaways.

    I know some people get offended if the blogger doesn't leave a reply to the original comment but I rarely check back so that doesn't bother me.

    Blogging is a full time job. They don't tell you that in the manual lol

    1. Blogging really is a full time job. Which is sometimes a problem since it starts to get that same icky feeling as a full time job for me. More often than not I have to prioritize my time. So I try to always check out posts by other bloggers and get my own posts up. I have to have time to read and comment does take a lower importance.

  2. I don't always do the best job with commenting, or commenting back .... so this week's question was a good nudge for me to remember to be better about that. I like that I'm in good company, though --- seems like a lot of bloggers feel that way, too. :)

    1. These confession posts really have helped me not feel so alone in my thinking and struggles. It has been nice.

  3. I hardly check back to see if a blogger has responded to my comment, but I know it bothers some if a blogger does not. I try to respond to all comments, but sometimes I just can't. I think we all just do the best we can with what little time we have for blogging. Thanks for participating!

  4. I try to leave thoughtful comments on blog posts
    this does feel like job more than not. I love that I see comments being sent to my email box. We are all busy...but in the beginning I took it to heart, now not so much :)

  5. I think Twitter is an even better way to connect with bloggers these days, but commenting on posts because you have something to say and want to connect is what it's all about, to me. :)